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Workshop Objectives

Cancer is an evolutionary disease, yet the theoretical and mathematical frameworks used to quantify, understand, predict and manage evolution in biological sciences are still in developing stages and often absent in clinical practice. We propose to organise a highly interdisciplinary research school, involving mathematicians, theoretical experimental biologists and medical doctors, to highlight and discuss the latest statistical and mathematical practices that could help improve cancer care. By mixing senior and junior PIs, post-docs and PhD students, we further aim to train the next generation of scientists in this emerging cross-disciplinary field.

To encourage sharing and confronting ideas, and above all a transfer of knowledge and expertise for the younger participants, we plan to have a mixed schedule involving scientific presentations, along with teamwork centered on debates and the crafting of mini-proposals. The morning of the first 4 days will involve invited​ talks by invited PIs​.The afternoon will be used to debate​ given questions / problems linked to the day’s theme in small teams, followed by​ chalk talks to recapitulate the outcomes of each debate. The selected themes are: (1)​ Understanding and predicting evolutionary trajectories; (2) Ecological interactions in space and time; (3) Repurposing theoretical models used in other organisms; (4) Optimising the dynamics of cancer therapy. The last morning (5th day) will be dedicated to the ​presentations of mini-proposals​, including background, overall and specific aims, budget and a timeline.

We will ask participating post-docs and students to give the chalk talks and present the mini-proposals, so as to ensure the knowledge transmission. This means that invited speakers will expected to provide mentoring during the week, on top of presenting. The overall goal is to confront younger scientists in the field with the tasks of creating, debating, presenting and structuring ideas into valid proposals under the wing of experts, so as to prepare them for their next career stages.

Workshop Schedule (temporary)

Monday morning (9-12am) Invited speaker presentations
Understanding and predicting evolutionary trajectories
Monday afternoon (2-5.30pm) Group discussions & debates
Discussion on general topics regarding cancer evolution modeling. Students to give chalk talks to recapitulate the discussion their group took part in.
Tuesday morning (9-12am) Invited speaker presentations
Ecological interactions in space and time
Tuesday afternoon (2-5.30pm) Opposition debates on polarising topics
Polarising topics will be proposed, each side being defended by a given workgroup. Students of each group will debate why their side is right!
Wednesday morning (9-12am) Invited speaker presentations
Repurposing theoretical models used in other organisms
Wednesday afternoon (2-5.30pm) Free time
The occasion to discover the city, or the famous calanques!
Thursday morning (9-12am) Invited speaker presentations
Optimizing the dynamics of cancer therapy
Thursday afternoon (2-5.30pm) Proposal crafting
Crafting of mini-proposals in small groups : title, background, overall and specific aims, budget and a timeline
Friday morning (9-12am) Mini-proposal presentations
Students from each group will present their mini-proposal, followed by Q&A session with the audience.
Friday afternoon Departure from venue